The rental expert for IBC and Mini pressure Tanks

CCR offers rental solutions for IBC and MPT and can rely on a fleet of 41,000 stainless steel tanks. The head office is located in Paris, France.
In addition to a strong presence in France and Europe, CCR also has a good market position in the USA. Since 2017, CCR has been a subsidiary of the HOYER group, which is a market leader in the transportation of liquid goods.
In addition to offering IBC rentals, CCR also offers ancillary services like fleet management, transportation, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. With over 60 years of experience, CCR has a well-established position in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries. CCR can provide the right IBC or MPT solution for every product. The containers are available with capacities from 200 liters to 1,650 liters.