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Chemical container

You are looking for chemical containers, CCR containers is the only brand name you need to know. Our large fleet of chemical containers, IBCs & totes offers a range of solutions to ship, store & process any chemical products like solvents, resins, paint, varnishes, alcohol derivates, oil etc

Various specifications can be proposed to face your operational day to day situation. Different capacities, from 500 L (130 Gal) to 2500 L (660 Gal), different designs - cubic or cylindrical - various heights - a large range of valves, couplings and control accessories matching your existing process set up.

CCR chemical containers fleet is the widest choice of specific totes you can find in the market. Don't forget that CCR containers always think about your safety & always complies with safety rules and international standards - our IBCs are all UN31A/Y approved. Operating pressure is available from 0.1bar to 0.3 bar.

We can propose you cylindrical and cubic chemical containers. Our 1000 L (260 Gal) stainless steel cubic & cylindrical IBCs are available with or without frame and in different stainless steel qualities 316L or 304L . From different heights with a special low height cubic chemical container which can be stacked easily in a 20' dry box.

Our cubic and cylindrical chemical containers are equipped with bottom discharge 2" to 3" and ball valves, Meca Inox or Ebro valves & outlet connections like kamlok, tankwagen, symmetrical or BSP couplings, as well as teflon, viton, EPDM, PE or NBR gaskets will be adapted to your standard and requirements. Easy handling via forklift or transpallet can be achieved by one single operator. U.N. approval for dangerous goods packaging group II and III.
CCR also proposes rental solutions for a wide range of multiway IBCs for Paint and Varnish industry.

You are looking for heating systems, CCR offers heated chemical containers solutions adapted to your needs : either in cubic or cylindrical design, with an electrical system able to heat or maintain the temperature of a product from 20°C up to 140°C, or also with a steam heating system with external coils. Both electrical and steam heating system chemical containers are insulated.

Please also keep in mind that we can provide you upon request bespoke chemical containers from 1000 L (260 Gal) to 2500 L (660 Gal).

Don't wait anymore & contact us now to define together your chemical container's rental solution

Cubic IBCs' solution

you are looking for cubic IBCs - stop at CCR containers - with a wide range of stainless steel cubic IBCs - in frame, steam or electrical heated, insulated, with different steel qualities & don't forget that CCR has the right cubic IBC solution for you

Containers' solution for the chemical industry

Exclusively dedicated to transport classified chemicals, Packaging group I, II and III, CCR offers a wide range of containers specially adapted to meet the highest customer requirements in the chemical industry. Entirely adaptable to your process, CCR's containers are approved for transport and available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

Cylindrical IBCs solution

You are looking for cylindrical IBCs - stop at CCR containers - with a wide range of stainless steel cylindrical IBCs - framed or not, steam or electrical heated, insulated with different steel qualities & don't forget that CCR has the right cylindrical IBC solution for you.

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