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Cosmetic container

You are looking for cosmetic containers, CCR containers is the only brand name you need to know. Our large fleet of cosmetic containers offers a range of solutions to ship, store & process any cosmetic juice, cream or lotions like shampoos, soaps, fragrances etc.

Various specifications can be proposed to face your operational day to day situation. Various capacities, from 200 L ( 50 Gal) to 3200 L (850 Gal), different shapes of dish ends (from 120 to conical 90) improving discharge of viscous juices and a large range of valves, couplings and control accessories matching your existing process set up.

Cleaning devices are adjustable on the manlid cover to prepare the cosmetic container.

Operating pressure is available from 0.5bar to 2 bar. We can provide you cylindrical cosmetic containers. Our stainless steel cylindrical cosmetic containers are available in various designs such as low height cylindrical, off drain cones, asymmetrical cone 90 angle.

CCR beauty care / Cosmetic container's fleet is the widest choice of specific tanks you can find in the market.

We can also propose you cubic cosmetic containers. Our 1000 L (260 Gal) cubic cosmetic containers are available in stainless steel 316 L or 304 L. Butterfly valves and outlet connections will be adapted to your standard and requirements. Easy handling via forklift or transpallet can be achieved by one single operator. U.N. approval for classified products - such as perfumes derivates - is available upon request.

You are looking for cosmetic container heating systems. CCR offers heated cosmetic containers solutions adapted to your needs : either with an electrical system for heating or to maintain the temperature of a product from 30C up to 120C, or also with a steam dimple jacket whithin which warm/hot fluid can circulate around the cylindrical body of the vessel. Both electrical and steam heated cosmetic containers are fitted with insulation and a stainless steel jacket. We can also provide you large capacities cosmetic containers. From 5000 L( 1320 gal) to 10000 L ( 2640 Gal), the CCR large capacities' containers are available in stainless steel 316L. They are surrounded by a metallic frame work - ISO10' international standards - to ensure safe handlings and transport operations. Dedicated for the storage of larger volumes, discharges opening sizes are available in 80mm diameters. Working pressure is set at 4 bar. Insulation and steam heating system are optional.

Please also keep in mind that we can propose you bespoke Cosmetic container upon request.

Pick up the phone and contact us now to define together your cosmetic container's rental solution!

Beauty care containers

Exclusively dedicated to store and transport cosmetics, CCR offers a wide range of containers specially adapted to meet the highest customer requirements in the beauty care industry. CCR's containers are entirely adaptable to your process (DIN, RJT, SMS, Triclamp) and available in Stainless Steel 316.

Cylindrical cosmetic containers

CCR offers a wide range of stainless steel cylindrical containers & IBCs - from 200 L to 3200 L with different stainless steel qualities 304 or 316L, please have a look at all our rental solutions & keep in mind that CCR adapts the containers you need to match your technical requirements

Cubic cosmetic containers

Please have a look at our 1000 L (260 Gal) cubic cosmetic containers available in different stainless steel qualities.

Heating systems for cosmetic containers

Please have a look at our heating system solutions - electrical or steam heated containers - all fitted with insulation and a stainless steel jacket.

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