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Stainless steel

You are looking for stainless steel IBCs, totes & containers, CCR containers is the only brand name you need to know.

With a fleet of more than 15000 stainless steel vessels & 450 different types of containers for transport &/or storage of foodstuff, cosmetic or hazardous liquids, CCR has the right rental solution for you.

With our stainless steel portable tanks, containers & IBCs, you are shipping & storing your products in the best responsible & environmental way - Indeed our stainless steel totes, vessels & IBCs provide maximum safety & security for the transport & the storage of liquid products, hazardous goods or extremely valuable products.

As a 100% reusable recyclable packaging, our stainless steel tanks are a green alternative to the plastic bottle or steel drums - this helps a lot not only to reduce greenhouse gases but also to save money with less general expenses & product loss.

Nowadays the challenge to control every costs while offering the best quality product to your customer is a continuous struggle.

You then need to store &/or ship in the safest container available, whatever your project is short, medium or long term - look no further than CCR containers - CCR has the stainless steel rental solutions adapted to your needs - indeed with CCR you benefit of more than 60 years experience & a comprehensive fleet management program.

Contact us now & we will define together your needs, finding the best tanks, containers or stainless steel IBC rental solution.

Rental, Expertise and Solutions

Stainless steel tanks, mini-tanks, carbon steel tanks, offshore tanks , containers or IBCs, CCR has the right rental solution for you. Expert in steel Tanks , mini tanks & IBCs rental, CCR is specialized in multiservices rental & propose an easy , safe & professional rental solution.

CCR containers' services

CCR Containers offers a rental fleet of high-quality Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), portable tanks, Semi Bulk Containers (SBCs), mini tanks, offshore tanks and totes for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries. With a comprehensive knowledge of more than 60 years & a fleet of more than 15000 units, CCR has the right rental solution for you. You want to know more about us , please have a look at our Company, history & activities.

Stainless steel containers' rental solutions

CCR, your complete one stop rental source for portable tanks & IBCs, is available 24hours a day, online at www.ccrcontainers.com Our online resource center can provide you with technical & regulation information needed to make decisions for all of your liquid material handling needs.

Stainless steel : expertise and safety solutions

CCR always complies with safety rules and international standards - You benefit from CCR's expertise in international transport regulations for dangerous liquids or hazardous goods

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