2017: The HOYER Group buys the IBC business and the brand CCR.

2007: CCR introduces a new range of aseptic food IBCs in the USA.

2006: CCR opens CCR Ltd in Birmingham, England.

2005: CCR opens CCR Iberique SL in Barcelona, Spain.

2004: The fleet includes over 12,000 containers.

2001: CCR opens an office in Düsseldorf, Germany.

  • Rental of ISO tank through Eurotainer SAS.
  • CCR concentrates its business on the rental of small tank containers and IBCs.
  • The CCR fleet includes 8,500 containers.

1970: Through the development of international shipments, CCR becomes an important international player in the rental of ISO tanks.

1947: Establishment of CCR. In a short time CCR becomes the market leader in the rental of tank containers in France.